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Street Fighter Arcade Machines For Hire & For Sale

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Street Fighter is one of the all-time fan-favourite fighting games and though its humble beginnings as an arcade game might be a distant memory for most with the likes of Street Fighter V on consoles, here at Arcade Direct Street Fighter Arcade Machines are still very much part of the present thanks to the Astral Fighter.

Our Fighting Arcade Machines come loaded with over 300 games including many of the Street Fighter arcade games such as:

  • Super Street Fighter II X
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
  • Street Fighter II - Champion
  • Street Fighter II - Rainbow
  • Street Fighter II - Red Wave
  • Street Fighter II - Hyper Fighting
  • Street Fighter II - Turbo
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3
  • Street Fighter Zero 2
  • Street Fighter Zero 3
  • Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
  • X-Men vs Street Fighter

With two player controls with a joystick and 6 buttons per player, our Street Fighter Arcade Machines for hire and for sale allow you to play against your friends or, if you prefer solo play, against the AI.

Street Fighter is more than button bashing. With special moves and combinations requiring players to utilise the 8 directional points with the joystick in combination with the light, medium and heavy punch and kick buttons, players across the globe have been known to plough hours into the game to master the various techniques of their chosen characters to take on their opponents to proclaim themselves as a Street Fighter master. Are you one of them?

Though Street Fighter is one of those games that can take many hours to master, it's instantly playable by newbies too with each character's playing style differing from the next. Play with each of the characters to see who suits your playing style best. Will it be the traditional all-rounders Ryu and Ken with their special fireball attack hadouken? Or may be you prefer the reach advantage of Muay Thai expert Sagat? Choose wisely and throw yourself into knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your character so you can successfully face boss M. Bison and reign supreme.

Contact Arcade Direct if you'd like to hire our Street Fighter Arcade Machines - The Astral Fighter - or purchase your very own through our website.

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